APAC has overtaken U.S and E.U as the top region in consumption of videos on mobile devices. What’s also interesting is that given the infrastructure limitations, i.e. most developing markets are still on 2.5G (a 4 generations below 4G), video sharing/uploading ranks highest amongst other regions.   The study also confirms that […]

            Methodology: Data is based on the September 2013 Nielsen report titled “Decoding the Asian Mobile Consumer” as cited in press release. The report is based on findings from Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights which maintains opt-in smartphone panels in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights is […]

  If you’ve ever wondered who actually take the time of scanning barcodes and QR codes using their mobile phones, this chart might be just what you need. Surprisingly however the largest age group are the ones with the highest disposable income, i.e. the 24 to 44 which makes up 48%. What’s also encouraging is […]

Interestingly 35% of China’s smartphone users are on iOS which is quite a big share compared to many other markets in Asia Pacific. I expect Apple to retain that share for next 12-24months as it attracts consumers who are looking to stand out from the crowd through a device that gives them better overall user […]

It’s all getting just a little more dimmer for TV, well if Commercial Break app has their way that is. As if TV is not already in some trouble, if this app proves to be successful advertisers might have to ask a few times just how many eyeballs their TVCs have captured or will be […]

In-app push notification is such a key feature but my opinion is that most apps developed out of Asia aren’t putting much effort into it. That’s likely due to us looking at app development as a one-off or as a proof of concept and have not developed the habits of looking at retention rates or […]