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The days of mobile app are numbered.

There’s been an interesting development in the virtual assistance space with the likes of Google Now and Siri. In the last Technology Tea and Toast Breakfast Session, we talked about Virtual Assistant devices such as Amazon Echo, Cubic Robots and Jibo and how they will eventually replace screens such as mobile but we all know […]

The future of advertising is not advertising at all.

Controversial headlines yes. New, it is not. It has been discussed at great lengths in many books, forums, LinkedIn groups and at countless dinner tables. But have we found an answer yet? With the proliferation of internet of things we often wonder about this very question. What is the future of advertising when products has […]

Paramount Pictures taps NFC to deliver exclusive Star Trek content in airports

Paramount Pictures is making it easier for airport visitors to access exclusive Star Trek content by tapping their smartphones on out-of-home displays. Because the effort uses NFC technology, users in several airports across the country can simply tap their smartphones on the airport display to easily access exclusive mobile content without having to download an […]

For CPGs, Mobile Ads Meet Awareness Goals

With broad audience base, CPGs seek to reach consumers across devices and platforms Experimenting with various mobile advertising tactics has helped CPG marketers stand out among other industries. As consistent spenders in the mobile advertising space, Millennial Media reported that from 2011 to 2012, the consumer goods vertical grew 235% on its platform. In addition, […]

Apple halves some iPhone 5 component orders

When Apple launched the iPhone 5 last September there was definitely a mixed response to the new handset. Yes, it had a larger display, embraced 4G, and was thinner, but it wasn’t revolutionary, just another evolution. And that seems to be causing Apple a few problems as the iPhone 5 isn’t selling anywhere near as well as expected. The […]

What is Apple Passbook?

One of the biggest hype of surrounding iPhone 5 and iOS 6 has got to be Apple Passbook. Seems to me it’s Apple’s answer to Google Wallet. But it’s not quite the same. GW is primarily an in-store and online payment device whereas Passbook, which is a part of iOS6, is a new application from Apple designed […]

Singapore 4As Digital Show

Seminar: Best of Digital Marketing Show Mike Berry discussed some of the best examples of work in Europe. He started by introducing himself as a veteran in this industry with background in different areas of marketing. He has worked in creative agencies and at brands like P&G. He began by highlighting that the reason many ideas […]