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Australia – Smartphone or tablet market?

                                  Looking at these numbers, you can argue that smartphones have reach critical mass. You just can’t ignore mobile when it comes to reaching the masses but more importantly as it’s also a mature market, the quality of content […]

User-retention – How to improve retention rate of your app

In-app push notification is such a key feature but my opinion is that most apps developed out of Asia aren’t putting much effort into it. That’s likely due to us looking at app development as a one-off or as a proof of concept and have not developed the habits of looking at retention rates or […]

Survey Identifies Hurdles to Making Travel Purchases from Mobile Devices

Travelers are regularly searching for flights, hotels and ground transportation using mobile devices, yet less than half are making mobile purchases.   New research from FlightView digs into the mobile purchasing behavior of 3,186 travelers, revealing the shocker: more than 80 percent of respondents say concerns about mobile security and transaction interruptions no longer stop them […]

YouTube’s mobile fortunes take-off as smartphone content consumption grows

YouTube’s mobile advertising sales skyrocketed in the first half of 2013 as marketers looked to reach consumers where digital content is being consumed – on their smartphones and tablets. YouTube, like other social media sites, is experiencing significant growth in mobile use as its user base increasingly migrates their social activity from desktop to smartphones. […]

Best Practices on Tablet Advertising

This is by far the most engaging and probably the most extensive study on tablet advertising ever put together. The full report can be found only on tablets – search for ‘The Pool – Tablet Lane’. But if you are after ad-formats only, the link below is what you need. The gist of it is that […]

Mcommerce sales to account for 15pc of total ecommerce volume this year: report

Last year mobile saw significant gains in commerce, traffic and search, according to several recent reports. With smartphone and tablet penetration continuing to grow, mobile’s role in retail can only get bigger over the next 12 months. Mobile commerce sales increased 81 percent in 2012, reaching a total $25 billion and accounting for 11 percent […]

Samsung Announces Foldable Display: Youm

At the CES 2013 Day 2 opening keynote, Samsung finally brought the much talked about flexible display screens. The flexible display is said to provide clearer picture and sharper colour and is based on the OLED-technology. Its flexibility is due to the thinness of the screen. The display is bendable, roll-able and foldable. Samsung claims […]