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To app or not to app?

Native mobile apps can be an enriching channel for some companies whilst for some others it has been a subject that no one wants to talk about. And there are tonnes of whitepapers out there that provide mobile strategy, some are interesting but most are very rich with information that you just put as something to […]

How retailers can use Pinterest to drive sales

With end-of-year sales season looming, I’d thought this would come in handy for retailers here in APAC. Although Pinterest when compared to Instagram and other mobile social plaforms is much smaller but the users are quite an artistic and discerning bunch who appreciates the little thing in life. So if you are retailer who sells […]

Adidas Philippines 1.27 CTR shows that developing markets can run developed markets execution

Adidas Philippines ran a mobile advertising campaign earlier this year that points to the growing role that rich media is playing for brands as part of an integrated marketing mix. The campaign ran in February in the Philippines to coincide with the launch of a new Adidas shoe product in the market. “The ad unit’s innovation […]

Crowdsourcing supercharges mobile marketing with audience authenticitys

Hope the weekends have been great for everyone. Hopefully the days of hazy skies are over here in SEA. I saw this article on Mobile Marketer and I thought I’d share my POV on ‘crowdsourcing’.  Crowdsourcing is a no brainer if it works well. It’s not new and for years it has been working well […]

YouTube’s mobile fortunes take-off as smartphone content consumption grows

YouTube’s mobile advertising sales skyrocketed in the first half of 2013 as marketers looked to reach consumers where digital content is being consumed – on their smartphones and tablets. YouTube, like other social media sites, is experiencing significant growth in mobile use as its user base increasingly migrates their social activity from desktop to smartphones. […]

Facebook’s play to own the mobile home page fails, like others before

May 15, 2013 The battle for the mobile homepage appears to have claimed another victim, with Facebook Home looking like a flop a month after its launch. If the history of the personal computer is any indication, whoever owns the homepage in mobile will have a significant advantage over competitors for a long time. This […]

Facebook Home – What is it? GroupM’s POV

Facebook Home: The First SuperApp Babe Ruth was said to be “more than a man, but less than a god.” On April 12 , Facebook will launch “Home,” a program that is more than an app, but less than a device. Home is a downloadable application for Android devices, which transforms the operating system to integrate Facebook into […]