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So you are interested to know who are scanning barcodes?

  If you’ve ever wondered who actually take the time of scanning barcodes and QR codes using their mobile phones, this chart might be just what you need. Surprisingly however the largest age group are the ones with the highest disposable income, i.e. the 24 to 44 which makes up 48%. What’s also encouraging is […]

Sherwin-Williams flaunts color-matching app via print ad

I thought this is another nice example of how mobile and print can work well for consumers. Although our eyes are on our mobile a few hours in a day there is still a huge number of hours that they are not. And most often, people still rely on print  for inspirations when it comes […]

Taxi network leverages NFC, QR codes to make video brand engagements interactive

May 15, 2013 Taxi riders in New York, San Francisco and other cities will soon be able to use their smartphones to engage with brand content appearing on video screens inside the cabs using either NFC or QR code technology. Passengers will see video or static messages on the enhanced media screens inside taxis and […]

Are QR codes losing their magnetism?

Our take: Understandably, QR codes will be phased out for a sexier and more future proof implementation such as NFC. But there is none out there that is smartphone and feature phone friendly across Asia at this time. So it remains to be the most versatile when it comes to real-world media to mobile media. […]

Nestlé says yes to QR codes.

Nestle has launched a global initiative leveraging QR codes on the packaging for its numerous brands to provide consumers with instant access to pertinent information about an item, including its nutritional profile as well as the environmental and social impacts of its products. Retail stores in Britain will be the first to carry products featuring […]

Sawdust QR codes helped raise donations.

Saatchi & Saatchi Guatemala had put QR Codes and sawdust to good use by turning them into sawdust carpets (video below). The 350 QR Codes were scanned 114,000 times over the three days of the festival and more importantly donations to the museum exceeded expectations by 470%. Talk about ROI!  

Augmented reality vs. QR codes: Which delivers most bang for the buck?

Asia Pacific, outside of Japan, hasn’t seen QR code taking off on a massive scale. That’s not due to the technology as it’s now easy to download a QR code scanner or embed one in your own app. But it has got more to do with advertisers not fully understanding the benefits of QR codes […]