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Taxi network leverages NFC, QR codes to make video brand engagements interactive

May 15, 2013 Taxi riders in New York, San Francisco and other cities will soon be able to use their smartphones to engage with brand content appearing on video screens inside the cabs using either NFC or QR code technology. Passengers will see video or static messages on the enhanced media screens inside taxis and […]

Apple Passbook – How to create one yourself

If your clients are in the business of driving footfall to their stores, you want to read this. In just 8 weeks into the launch of iOS6, it has reached more than 45% adoption rate globally. So is it time to take a closer look into mobile-couponing and loyalty platform Apple-style? We think so. If […]

NFC – now in Singapore.

Clear Channel has announced that a network of smart posters will include six-sheet, 12-sheet and Media Portal panels at bus shelters across the island. NFC phone users will be able to tap on any of the advertisements to receive music, videos, applications, brochures or other information directly to their phone. Advertisers will then be able to mine […]