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Hyundai Veloster Racing Game In Times Square

Fantastic marriage of outdoor and mobile. Hyundai is trying to get close to that holy grail in its latest marketing campaign for its 2012 Hyundai Veloster compact. For a certain period, folks interested in the “differently shaped” hatchback can download the “Hyundai Race” app onto their smartphones. Then, once they’re in New York City’s Time Square, they can access Hyundai’s […]

BMW Launches Electric Car Compatibility App (April 2011 article)

Interested in buying an electric car, but not sure if it fits your lifestyle, commute, or needs? Auto maker BMW — which has been rather hesitant when it comes to EVs— recently launched an iPhone app , called EVolve, designed to help users discover if they are a good fit for owning an EV or not. Using the GPS […]

Facial Recognition Billboard Only Lets Women See the Full Ad

A new kind of outdoor advertisement is being tested on Oxford Street in London’s West End. The interactive advertisement uses a high-definition camera to scan pedestrians and identify their gender before showing a specific ad. The built-in system has a 90% accuracy rate in analyzing a person’s facial features and determining if they’re male or […]