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The days of mobile app are numbered.

There’s been an interesting development in the virtual assistance space with the likes of Google Now and Siri. In the last Technology Tea and Toast Breakfast Session, we talked about Virtual Assistant devices such as Amazon Echo, Cubic Robots and Jibo and how they will eventually replace screens such as mobile but we all know […]


Fourteen is the number of times smartphone users check their Facebook a day.

The total daily average mobile time on the site via our smartphones is half an hour. Facebook is the third most popular app on smartphones, after email and the browser Around 47 per cent of respondents say they look at Facebook while working out at the gym   Good news for people who think they […]


In Indonesia’s Cities, Mobile Boosts Internet to No. 2 Media Spot

Mobile overtakes internet cafes as primary access point Indonesia, with rising internet penetration and ad investment, is following trends in other emerging economies, with early development concentrated firmly in cities. According to eMarketer estimates, overall internet penetration reached nearly one out of four people in the highly populous island-state in 2012. By contrast, data from Yahoo! and TNS found […]