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So you are interested to know who are scanning barcodes?

  If you’ve ever wondered who actually take the time of scanning barcodes and QR codes using their mobile phones, this chart might be just what you need. Surprisingly however the largest age group are the ones with the highest disposable income, i.e. the 24 to 44 which makes up 48%. What’s also encouraging is […]

Already at $74 billion in 2013, Asia Pacific to become the largest region for mobile payment by 2016.

PROPELLED by rapid growth in Singapore, South Korea and developing markets such as India, Asia-Pacific mobile payment transaction values will grow 38 per cent this year to reach US$74 billion, according to research agency Gartner. Speaking to BizIT, Sandy Shen, research director at Gartner, noted that by 2016, Asia-Pacific will overtake Africa to become the […]

Are QR codes losing their magnetism?

Our take: Understandably, QR codes will be phased out for a sexier and more future proof implementation such as NFC. But there is none out there that is smartphone and feature phone friendly across Asia at this time. So it remains to be the most versatile when it comes to real-world media to mobile media. […]

Avenue mobile campaign achieves approximately 6,600pc ROI by going rich-media messaging (RMM)

Avenue saw big success for a rich media messaging campaign it ran and promoted through in-store advertising, online, email and social media. The company launched the campaign on Nov. 8. Avenue worked with Iris Mobile on the initiative. “As the old adage says, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words,’” said Cezar Kolodziej, president/CEO of […]

Nestlé says yes to QR codes.

Nestle has launched a global initiative leveraging QR codes on the packaging for its numerous brands to provide consumers with instant access to pertinent information about an item, including its nutritional profile as well as the environmental and social impacts of its products. Retail stores in Britain will be the first to carry products featuring […]

Mcommerce sales to account for 15pc of total ecommerce volume this year: report

Last year mobile saw significant gains in commerce, traffic and search, according to several recent reports. With smartphone and tablet penetration continuing to grow, mobile’s role in retail can only get bigger over the next 12 months. Mobile commerce sales increased 81 percent in 2012, reaching a total $25 billion and accounting for 11 percent […]

Apple Passbook – How to create one yourself

If your clients are in the business of driving footfall to their stores, you want to read this. In just 8 weeks into the launch of iOS6, it has reached more than 45% adoption rate globally. So is it time to take a closer look into mobile-couponing and loyalty platform Apple-style? We think so. If […]