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The days of mobile app are numbered.

There’s been an interesting development in the virtual assistance space with the likes of Google Now and Siri. In the last Technology Tea and Toast Breakfast Session, we talked about Virtual Assistant devices such as Amazon Echo, Cubic Robots and Jibo and how they will eventually replace screens such as mobile but we all know […]

Australia – Smartphone or tablet market?

                                  Looking at these numbers, you can argue that smartphones have reach critical mass. You just can’t ignore mobile when it comes to reaching the masses but more importantly as it’s also a mature market, the quality of content […]

How retailers can use Pinterest to drive sales

With end-of-year sales season looming, I’d thought this would come in handy for retailers here in APAC. Although Pinterest when compared to Instagram and other mobile social plaforms is much smaller but the users are quite an artistic and discerning bunch who appreciates the little thing in life. So if you are retailer who sells […]

User-retention – How to improve retention rate of your app

In-app push notification is such a key feature but my opinion is that most apps developed out of Asia aren’t putting much effort into it. That’s likely due to us looking at app development as a one-off or as a proof of concept and have not developed the habits of looking at retention rates or […]

Sherwin-Williams flaunts color-matching app via print ad

I thought this is another nice example of how mobile and print can work well for consumers. Although our eyes are on our mobile a few hours in a day there is still a huge number of hours that they are not. And most often, people still rely on print  for inspirations when it comes […]

Are QR codes losing their magnetism?

Our take: Understandably, QR codes will be phased out for a sexier and more future proof implementation such as NFC. But there is none out there that is smartphone and feature phone friendly across Asia at this time. So it remains to be the most versatile when it comes to real-world media to mobile media. […]

Fourteen is the number of times smartphone users check their Facebook a day.

The total daily average mobile time on the site via our smartphones is half an hour. Facebook is the third most popular app on smartphones, after email and the browser Around 47 per cent of respondents say they look at Facebook while working out at the gym   Good news for people who think they […]