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How retailers can use Pinterest to drive sales

With end-of-year sales season looming, I’d thought this would come in handy for retailers here in APAC. Although Pinterest when compared to Instagram and other mobile social plaforms is much smaller but the users are quite an artistic and discerning bunch who appreciates the little thing in life. So if you are retailer who sells […]

Now would be good to start investing in video-ads on mobile platform?

          APAC has overtaken U.S and E.U as the top region in consumption of videos on mobile devices. What’s also interesting is that given the infrastructure limitations, i.e. most developing markets are still on 2.5G (a 4 generations below 4G), video sharing/uploading ranks highest amongst other regions.   The study also confirms that […]

China is APAC’s top market in responding to mobile ads, India comes a close second

            Methodology: Data is based on the September 2013 Nielsen report titled “Decoding the Asian Mobile Consumer” as cited in press release. The report is based on findings from Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights which maintains opt-in smartphone panels in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights is […]

Want to take a break from commercials? Try Commercial Break app

It’s all getting just a little more dimmer for TV, well if Commercial Break app has their way that is. As if TV is not already in some trouble, if this app proves to be successful advertisers might have to ask a few times just how many eyeballs their TVCs have captured or will be […]

Adidas Philippines 1.27 CTR shows that developing markets can run developed markets execution

Adidas Philippines ran a mobile advertising campaign earlier this year that points to the growing role that rich media is playing for brands as part of an integrated marketing mix. The campaign ran in February in the Philippines to coincide with the launch of a new Adidas shoe product in the market. “The ad unit’s innovation […]

YouTube’s mobile fortunes take-off as smartphone content consumption grows

YouTube’s mobile advertising sales skyrocketed in the first half of 2013 as marketers looked to reach consumers where digital content is being consumed – on their smartphones and tablets. YouTube, like other social media sites, is experiencing significant growth in mobile use as its user base increasingly migrates their social activity from desktop to smartphones. […]

Taxi network leverages NFC, QR codes to make video brand engagements interactive

May 15, 2013 Taxi riders in New York, San Francisco and other cities will soon be able to use their smartphones to engage with brand content appearing on video screens inside the cabs using either NFC or QR code technology. Passengers will see video or static messages on the enhanced media screens inside taxis and […]