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The days of mobile app are numbered.

There’s been an interesting development in the virtual assistance space with the likes of Google Now and Siri. In the last Technology Tea and Toast Breakfast Session, we talked about Virtual Assistant devices such as Amazon Echo, Cubic Robots and Jibo and how they will eventually replace screens such as mobile but we all know […]

To app or not to app?

Native mobile apps can be an enriching channel for some companies whilst for some others it has been a subject that no one wants to talk about. And there are tonnes of whitepapers out there that provide mobile strategy, some are interesting but most are very rich with information that you just put as something to […]

Crowdsourcing supercharges mobile marketing with audience authenticitys

Hope the weekends have been great for everyone. Hopefully the days of hazy skies are over here in SEA. I saw this article on Mobile Marketer and I thought I’d share my POV on ‘crowdsourcing’.  Crowdsourcing is a no brainer if it works well. It’s not new and for years it has been working well […]

Already at $74 billion in 2013, Asia Pacific to become the largest region for mobile payment by 2016.

PROPELLED by rapid growth in Singapore, South Korea and developing markets such as India, Asia-Pacific mobile payment transaction values will grow 38 per cent this year to reach US$74 billion, according to research agency Gartner. Speaking to BizIT, Sandy Shen, research director at Gartner, noted that by 2016, Asia-Pacific will overtake Africa to become the […]

Are QR codes losing their magnetism?

Our take: Understandably, QR codes will be phased out for a sexier and more future proof implementation such as NFC. But there is none out there that is smartphone and feature phone friendly across Asia at this time. So it remains to be the most versatile when it comes to real-world media to mobile media. […]

Google Enhanced Search for the connected world…will affect what you do or don’t on mobile.

On February 6th, Google announced one of their biggest ever changes to AdWords which will impact all advertisers over the coming months. Reflecting changes in how, where and when we search all AdWords campaigns will automatically target searches conducted on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. This change moves search on to where the focus is […]

In Indonesia’s Cities, Mobile Boosts Internet to No. 2 Media Spot

Mobile overtakes internet cafes as primary access point Indonesia, with rising internet penetration and ad investment, is following trends in other emerging economies, with early development concentrated firmly in cities. According to eMarketer estimates, overall internet penetration reached nearly one out of four people in the highly populous island-state in 2012. By contrast, data from Yahoo! and TNS found […]