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Sherwin-Williams flaunts color-matching app via print ad

I thought this is another nice example of how mobile and print can work well for consumers. Although our eyes are on our mobile a few hours in a day there is still a huge number of hours that they are not. And most often, people still rely on print  for inspirations when it comes […]

Track my Macca’s app makes fast-food interesting again.

Gotta give it to DDB and McD Australia for the idea and fantastic execution of this app. They’ve certainly made fast-food interesting again and for McD lovers, I’m quite sure it will increase their visits as now they have an additional reason to find out where their beef came from before they eat it. This […]

Jaguar revs up F-Type marketing via Instagram contest

Instagram is enjoying success in Asia Pacific and brands such as Scoot has actively embraced it in Singapore and Taiwan. But luxury brands such as Jaguar are now taking the plunge and this campaign is just one of the great examples how Instagram can help drive brand awareness and engagement.   January 9, 2013   […]

Street Sign Augmented Reality

Not the latest piece of work, but it’s still cool and relevant to this blog. It’s an app (for iPhone and Android) that recognizes traffic signs and transforms them into features of the new Punto Evo. The app recognizes traffic signs as if they were QR codes and it associates each sign with a feature […]