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Sawdust QR codes helped raise donations.

Saatchi & Saatchi Guatemala had put QR Codes and sawdust to good use by turning them into sawdust carpets (video below). The 350 QR Codes were scanned 114,000 times over the three days of the festival and more importantly donations to the museum exceeded expectations by 470%. Talk about ROI!   Advertisements

Track my Macca’s app makes fast-food interesting again.

Gotta give it to DDB and McD Australia for the idea and fantastic execution of this app. They’ve certainly made fast-food interesting again and for McD lovers, I’m quite sure it will increase their visits as now they have an additional reason to find out where their beef came from before they eat it. This […]

Augmented reality vs. QR codes: Which delivers most bang for the buck?

Asia Pacific, outside of Japan, hasn’t seen QR code taking off on a massive scale. That’s not due to the technology as it’s now easy to download a QR code scanner or embed one in your own app. But it has got more to do with advertisers not fully understanding the benefits of QR codes […]

The Playstation Vita Will Have Killer Augmented Reality

  Sony Playstation Vita   Sony has unveiled a new video for the Playstation Vita. This time around, they’re showing off the features of it’s augmented reality, and it’s looking pretty good from here. Seeing two people squaring off in a public place with them could be very cool if it works as well as […]

Beyond texting: augmented-reality windshields — what could go wrong?

January 16, 2012 by Amara D. Angelica Mercedes’ gesture-controlled augmented reality, Red Bull optional (credit: Mercedes-Benz) What? You thought distracted drivers texting on cell phones and swerving erratically is a problem? That’s so 2011. Imagine a future in which icons flash on your car windshield, hologram-style, as your car approaches restaurants, stores, historic landmarks or […]

Street Sign Augmented Reality

Not the latest piece of work, but it’s still cool and relevant to this blog. It’s an app (for iPhone and Android) that recognizes traffic signs and transforms them into features of the new Punto Evo. The app recognizes traffic signs as if they were QR codes and it associates each sign with a feature […]

Intel Updates Lego with Image Recognition

  Great example of 3D projection and image-recognition technology to help you extend the life of old products. Good for on-ground activation.