Australia – Smartphone or tablet market?


















Looking at these numbers, you can argue that smartphones have reach critical mass. You just can’t ignore mobile when it comes to reaching the masses but more importantly as it’s also a mature market, the quality of content needed to get attention and form deeper engagement is going to be the key to success. There is a high chance it’ll get to 80% penetration by 2015 looking at the growth rate from the table below. So it’s definitely a smartphone market, not in 2015 but now.

AU - smartphone ownership










Interestingly tablets penetration is not a slouch either. AU is fast becoming a market that will see both devices, smartphones and tablets, as the two most ubiquitous devices since television set. At the rate that tablets are growing, more than 80% of Australians will have a tablet device by end 2015.

AU Tablet Penetration

And here’s another projection that by 2018, 70% of advertisers surveyed intend to spend on tablet advertising compared to only 30% on smartphones. Which is a little odd given that both of these devices serve quite different purposes.









So should you focus on tablets or smartphones? I’d say both. You can’t ignore that although the rate of engagement are higher on a larger and more powerful devices like tablets, smartphone is still king of location-based transactions, especially when you are in the retail business. It’s still a device you use the most, even more so at a certain time of the day. Tablets even at its smallest form factor of 7″, it is still not a device you’d have with you everywhere you go which is why it’s usage are often much higher in the evenings and during commuting. So the answer is, swing both ways. The key is to use cross-channel data so that you can use it to form a connection that is sensitive to the locations and the time of day of your customers as they navigate their daily lives with both devices in their hands.







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