Now would be good to start investing in video-ads on mobile platform?






APAC has overtaken U.S and E.U as the top region in consumption of videos on mobile devices. What’s also interesting is that given the infrastructure limitations, i.e. most developing markets are still on 2.5G (a 4 generations below 4G), video sharing/uploading ranks highest amongst other regions.


The study also confirms that mobile video is one of the top platform when people are looking to pass their time, providing our clients who are habitually creating video assets, or about to, a unique challenge of tailoring their video content and ad formats to drive deeper engagement on mobile.


But this also provides marketers an opportunity to increase reach and frequency beyond TV and desktop eyeballs. But they should work closely with us to ensure that they don’t just take a 30secs or 60secs TVC and upload on YouTube as more can be done when you people are also willing to engage further.





Here’s the top markets that are contributing to the stats above. One thing to note is the it is nowhere near its peak. Developed markets will continue to see a sharp climb as people rely more often on their mobile for entertainment and China, Indonesia and India are seeing steady climb QOQ and it has a long way to reach critical mass.






Viewing video via smartphone is also starting to gain traction in Asia, particularly in more developed markets like Hong Kong and Singapore. Comparatively, adoption of mobile video in developing Asia-Pacific markets has been slower to gain traction. Consequently, mobile video content is a growing consideration for both advertisers and media owners. Importantly, engagement among the consumers that are watching video on their mobile handsets is very high. Consumers who are watching mobile video in the majority of Asia-Pacific markets are doing so more than 10 times per week on average, which illustrates the exciting opportunities for marketers to build a lasting connection with users.

Source: Nielsen


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