User-retention – How to improve retention rate of your app

In-app push notification is such a key feature but my opinion is that most apps developed out of Asia aren’t putting much effort into it. That’s likely due to us looking at app development as a one-off or as a proof of concept and have not developed the habits of looking at retention rates or as a channel to form long-term relationships with consumers. This study shows that this simple feature can boost retention rates by a 100% which is massive. So plan your app like you’d do with social media, content calendar over a few months to keep their interests high and maintain usage over a longer period of time. Here’s the full article from eMarketer.



A study conducted by Urban Airship revealed equally positive results. A five-month analysis of 360 apps across a variety of categories conducted between May and September 2012 found apps that employed push notifications retained up to 100% more of their users compared with apps that had not used push notifications.

User Retention Rates of Mobile Apps in North America, by Push Notification Quality*, Sep 2012

Push technology has delivered marketers another channel as well: in-app messaging. As the name suggests, in-app messages are only seen when the app is open. In-app messaging is just beginning to emerge. But given the overall popularity of apps, more brands are likely to use this channel going forward.

At this point, industry best practices for mobile messaging are mostly limited to the mechanics of the individual channels. “The mix [of channels] is going to be dependent on the specific brand and the relationship that brand has with the consumer,” said Michael Becker, managing director of North America for the MMA. The opportunity for success, however, lies in enabling customers to tailor the messages to their preferences and cleverly leveraging that personal information. “What marketers need to learn is how to avoid being interruptive and instead influence by adding value and utility [across channels].

Source: eMarketer


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