Adidas Philippines 1.27 CTR shows that developing markets can run developed markets execution

Adidas Philippines ran a mobile advertising campaign earlier this year that points to the growing role that rich media is playing for brands as part of an integrated marketing mix.

The campaign ran in February in the Philippines to coincide with the launch of a new Adidas shoe product in the market. “The ad unit’s innovation lay in comparing an individual’s performance against other runners in the neighborhood, using the location tracking functionality and displaying the results on a custom map,” she said.

“This resulted in increased engagement scores for the brand, which would have been difficult to achieve if this were a standard banner execution.”

Users also had an option to play a mobile game that leveraged rich media and incorporated the Boost shoe.

Consumers could place their fingers on the screen to run in a pair of the shoes. The ads were meant to show the different terrains and conditions that the shoe line could endure.

Using the device’s built-in location, consumers could compare their scores against others that were nearby by plotting the scores on a map.

Additionally, consumers could share their score over social media or replay the game again.

Mobile results
The average user time engagement with the ad was more than 60 seconds.

In addition to the 1.27 percent click-through-rate, the peak daily click-through-rate was 2.02 percent.

The average click-through-rate on iOS devices totaled .97 percent with the Android version bringing in a 1.64 percent click-through-rate.

The campaign generated 1,220,346 impressions with 672,054 coming from iOS devices and 548,292 coming from Android devices.

Moreover, the advertising campaign racked up 15,478 clicks.

Rich media is increasingly becoming more important for marketers as mobile advertising becomes more sophisticated because it adds an extra bit of interaction to a static ad campaign.

In the Adidas Philippines example, the game component of the ad gave consumers a chance to play around with the products on a deeper level than a mobile site or app could.

“The campaign was run during February 2013, precisely the period when Adidas was launching the Boost footwear in the Philippines,” Ms. Garcia said.

“The mobile campaign was indeed a part of an integrated marketing blitz, and the usage of rich media resulted in impressive user-engagement metrics,” she said.

Original article from MM.


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