Sherwin-Williams flaunts color-matching app via print ad

I thought this is another nice example of how mobile and print can work well for consumers. Although our eyes are on our mobile a few hours in a day there is still a huge number of hours that they are not. And most often, people still rely on print  for inspirations when it comes to home decor. 


Paint brand Sherwin-Williams Co. is educating consumers about its popular color-matching mobile application through a magazine advertisement.

Sherwin-Williams is promoting its ColorSnap app – which is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices – via the print ads. The ads are running within the June issue of Food Network Magazine.

“For a paint brand, in order to encourage users to download an app, they must add a layer of engagement to their campaign,” said Bobby Marhamat, founder of Hipscan, Menlo Park, CA.


Mobile inspiration

The Sherwin-Williams campaign includes a two-page spread, one of which is devoted to promoting the ColorSnap app.

Copy at the top of the page reads, “Match your favorite smoothie in a snap.” Below, the ad explains how the technology in Sherwin-William’s app works.

An in-app camera function lets users take pictures of items that inspire them. The color is then matched against Sherwin-William’s 1,500 available colors to find the closest paint hue.

Besides color-matching a paint color, the app also lets consumers create a palette of paints that complement a specific color. There is also a section called “My Saved Colors” that lets consumers save their favorite colors and share them via social media.

Scan to download
A QR code in the bottom left-hand corner of the ad encourages consumers to scan to download the app. The QR code links consumers to a page on Sherwin William’s mobile site where they can learn more about the app and which devices it is compatible for. Additionally, consumers can find a nearby store or search for products by keywords via the site.

The site uses auto-detection to recognize what type of device a consumer has to direct them to the correct app store. The ad also includes a call-to-action for Sherwin William’s online site, which is called Chip It! Users are encouraged to visit to turn an online image into a collection of paint colors.


Source: Mobile Marketer


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