Monthly Archives: May 2013

Paramount Pictures taps NFC to deliver exclusive Star Trek content in airports

Paramount Pictures is making it easier for airport visitors to access exclusive Star Trek content by tapping their smartphones on out-of-home displays. Because the effort uses NFC technology, users in several airports across the country can simply tap their smartphones on the airport display to easily access exclusive mobile content without having to download an […]

Taxi network leverages NFC, QR codes to make video brand engagements interactive

May 15, 2013 Taxi riders in New York, San Francisco and other cities will soon be able to use their smartphones to engage with brand content appearing on video screens inside the cabs using either NFC or QR code technology. Passengers will see video or static messages on the enhanced media screens inside taxis and […]

Facebook’s play to own the mobile home page fails, like others before

May 15, 2013 The battle for the mobile homepage appears to have claimed another victim, with Facebook Home looking like a flop a month after its launch. If the history of the personal computer is any indication, whoever owns the homepage in mobile will have a significant advantage over competitors for a long time. This […]

For CPGs, Mobile Ads Meet Awareness Goals

With broad audience base, CPGs seek to reach consumers across devices and platforms Experimenting with various mobile advertising tactics has helped CPG marketers stand out among other industries. As consistent spenders in the mobile advertising space, Millennial Media reported that from 2011 to 2012, the consumer goods vertical grew 235% on its platform. In addition, […]

Are QR codes losing their magnetism?

Our take: Understandably, QR codes will be phased out for a sexier and more future proof implementation such as NFC. But there is none out there that is smartphone and feature phone friendly across Asia at this time. So it remains to be the most versatile when it comes to real-world media to mobile media. […]