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Facebook Home – What is it? GroupM’s POV

Facebook Home: The First SuperApp Babe Ruth was said to be “more than a man, but less than a god.” On April 12 , Facebook will launch “Home,” a program that is more than an app, but less than a device. Home is a downloadable application for Android devices, which transforms the operating system to integrate Facebook into […]


Best Practices on Tablet Advertising

This is by far the most engaging and probably the most extensive study on tablet advertising ever put together. The full report can be found only on tablets – search for ‘The Pool – Tablet Lane’. But if you are after ad-formats only, the link below is what you need. The gist of it is that […]


Fourteen is the number of times smartphone users check their Facebook a day.

The total daily average mobile time on the site via our smartphones is half an hour. Facebook is the third most popular app on smartphones, after email and the browser Around 47 per cent of respondents say they look at Facebook while working out at the gym   Good news for people who think they […]