Samsung Announces Foldable Display: Youm

At the CES 2013 Day 2 opening keynote, Samsung finally brought the much talked about flexible display screens.

samsung youm
The flexible display is said to provide clearer picture and sharper colour and is based on the OLED-technology. Its flexibility is due to the thinness of the screen. The display is bendable, roll-able and foldable. Samsung claims Youm is unbreakable and translucent.

he fact that this is the first time Samsung has actually brought it out for CES visitors to touch it has already got Apple sweating according to some reports.

Though not expected to be seen before the end of this year, compact, flexible smartphones, tablets and other touch devices may soon become the norm if Samsung’s flexi-displays live up to the hype and promises. Be ready to fold your tablet and slip it in your wallet in the near future!

For more information check out this hour long video and some photos from CES 2013:


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