Monthly Archives: January 2013

Mcommerce sales to account for 15pc of total ecommerce volume this year: report

Last year mobile saw significant gains in commerce, traffic and search, according to several recent reports. With smartphone and tablet penetration continuing to grow, mobile’s role in retail can only get bigger over the next 12 months. Mobile commerce sales increased 81 percent in 2012, reaching a total $25 billion and accounting for 11 percent […]

Track my Macca’s app makes fast-food interesting again.

Gotta give it to DDB and McD Australia for the idea and fantastic execution of this app. They’ve certainly made fast-food interesting again and for McD lovers, I’m quite sure it will increase their visits as now they have an additional reason to find out where their beef came from before they eat it. This […]

Apple halves some iPhone 5 component orders

When Apple launched the iPhone 5 last September there was definitely a mixed response to the new handset. Yes, it had a larger display, embraced 4G, and was thinner, but it wasn’t revolutionary, just another evolution. And that seems to be causing Apple a few problems as the iPhone 5 isn’t selling anywhere near as well as expected. The […]

Samsung Announces Foldable Display: Youm

At the CES 2013 Day 2 opening keynote, Samsung finally brought the much talked about flexible display screens. The flexible display is said to provide clearer picture and sharper colour and is based on the OLED-technology. Its flexibility is due to the thinness of the screen. The display is bendable, roll-able and foldable. Samsung claims […]

Augmented reality vs. QR codes: Which delivers most bang for the buck?

Asia Pacific, outside of Japan, hasn’t seen QR code taking off on a massive scale. That’s not due to the technology as it’s now easy to download a QR code scanner or embed one in your own app. But it has got more to do with advertisers not fully understanding the benefits of QR codes […]

Jaguar revs up F-Type marketing via Instagram contest

Instagram is enjoying success in Asia Pacific and brands such as Scoot has actively embraced it in Singapore and Taiwan. But luxury brands such as Jaguar are now taking the plunge and this campaign is just one of the great examples how Instagram can help drive brand awareness and engagement.   January 9, 2013   […]

Facebook mobile ads command 70pc price premium over desktop: report

January 9, 2013 Facebook is making more money from mobile ads Advertisers are allocating 20 percent of their spend on Facebook to mobile, while the ads themselves command a 70 percent price premium over desktop, according to a new report from Kenshoo. The results show that the demand for mobile advertising on Facebook is healthy […]