FourSquare takes restaurant bookings…

FourSquare has finally came out of its comfort zone of quirky gaming and pointless ‘mayorship’ and points collection to something more useful in our everyday lives.


The website-version of the location check-in service has allowed users to make what it calls a “one-check reservation” for restaurants since May this year via a deal with food booking platform OpenTable. More restaurants are being covered by OpenTable with markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Dubai already in their system.

But with FourSquare’s natural home being on the mobile, instant reservations coming to handsets last week was an obvious and logical progression of its partnership with OpenTable.

The service is simple: if a user finds a (OpenTable-covered) restaurant in their immediate vicinity when they fire up the app and they fancy making a booking they just tap a button within the app and the table is reserved.

A decent facility for foodies on-the-go – but immediately such a move illustrates where FourSquare might finally be able to find its real worth for travellers, especially in the hotel, tour and activity sectors.


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