Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Playstation Vita Will Have Killer Augmented Reality

  Sony Playstation Vita   Sony has unveiled a new video for the Playstation Vita. This time around, they’re showing off the features of it’s augmented reality, and it’s looking pretty good from here. Seeing two people squaring off in a public place with them could be very cool if it works as well as […]


58% Of Smartphone Users Use A Location-Based Info Service

Location-based functionality for social networks were one of the big top future trends of 2011. These days location is integrated into just about everything that developers create. Most mobile and social apps have some sort of location enhancement but are not strictly location based. “Checking in” is still widely available through networks such as Foursquare, […]


Beyond texting: augmented-reality windshields — what could go wrong?

January 16, 2012 by Amara D. Angelica Mercedes’ gesture-controlled augmented reality, Red Bull optional (credit: Mercedes-Benz) What? You thought distracted drivers texting on cell phones and swerving erratically is a problem? That’s so 2011. Imagine a future in which icons flash on your car windshield, hologram-style, as your car approaches restaurants, stores, historic landmarks or […]