Singapore 4As Digital Show

Seminar: Best of Digital Marketing Show

Mike Berry discussed some of the best examples of work in Europe. He started by introducing himself as a veteran in this industry with background in different areas of marketing. He has worked in creative agencies and at brands like P&G.

He began by highlighting that the reason many ideas never saw the light of day was not because they were not a good idea but because of the lack of trust in the relationship. Agencies tend to be too focused on otheir expertise, products and justifying success through other’s case studies but not in making the client comfortable by developing a close relationship. Sometimes it’s not that the idea is bad, but it’s just that the client doesn’t feel he can trust you and that he might have doubts that you can deliver.

So trust is everything in this business. Being a friend, honest and trustworthy is what you need if you want to get those ideas launched.

He then shared the following case studies that did get to see the light of day.

      Monopoly City – Hasbro

The brief was to help make the brand more relevant in today’s digital age as board games are no longer popular and the product was Monopoly City

  • Monopoly City, the board game, was about you being able to buy land and properties in most cosmopolitan cities
  • Target audience was a 12-17 as they represent the future for the brand
  • The brief went to DDB but because of integration, Tribal DDB UK, the digital arm, was brought in and it made all the difference
  • Tribal DDB set out to make Monopoly cool again and appealing to the young age group
  • So naturally online was the main medium they focused on
  • The challenge was on how to communicate and engage consumers on how Monopoly City was different than the ones before
  • So the idea was to build a massive online boardgame with actual 3D buildings and replicate the actual game to become a massive and global multiplayer network
  • And to do that on proprietary digital platform can be a problem due to compatibility, so Google Maps was used as it was compatible to almost any PC anywhere in the world
  • They stayed true to the Monopoly game allowing consumers to buy 3D models of actual buildings in any cities of their choice
  • So this was turned into a multiplayer game with you can play with your friends, families or anyone else playing
  • Results: They badly underestimated the take up rate. They were expecting about 200K players but instead they got 5mil unique players
  • it became the 12th largest online game ever, went across 180 countries
  • more importantly, the boardgame itself was sold out in several countries

TippEx – Hunter and the bear

  • TippEx needed to stay relevant to today’s student
  • School season was about to begin and it was the right time to launch a campaign to target the students before they go out to buy stationary
  • The idea was simply a play on the product feature – thus White and Rewrite came about
  • The execution relied heavily on 42 customized videos, allowing the youth to rewrite the story about a hunter and a bear
  • YouTube was the central platform due to the high penetration and above average time spent
  • The campaign generated 35mil views in over 217 countries
  • Spent was 900K Euros and the made 3.2mil in sales, which is an increase of 30%
  • All they did was 1 day page take over on YouTube homepage and using bloggers
  • We had a session mainly on email marketing, Search & Mobile. Please find some interesting case studies below:
Marmite – XO – You either love it or hate it. For those who love it, get real close to them
The Situation: Marmite is marketed as a product which you either ‘Love or Hate’. Unilever were developing a new ‘extra-strong’ variant of Marmite, and needed to create awareness and desire to trial the product amongst existing Marmite consumers, specifically ‘extreme’ Marmite Lovers (daily and high-volume users).
Created an exclusive club The Mamarati, where only true fans are worthy of
Crowdsourcing to conduct blind test to influence the final recipe, opportunity to engage at the fundamental level
Lacta – Sweetest Part of Your Life.

  • Brand: Core brand value centered on people in love, comparing the feeling to Lacta’s sweet taste. Its slogan translates to ”Lacta – The sweetest part of your life”.
  • Insight: People would compare their loved ones with chocolate
  • Campaign: Facebook app, but also goes beyond social media to produce a series of mini-episodes, Lacta Surprises in collaboration with MTV, enabling people in love to surprise their loved ones in the sweetest way. Whoever wants to surprise his/her loved one can apply through Lacta’s Facebook page.
  • Shareability – great copy to trigger sharing, coupled with native FB user behavior (wall posts, tagging, events, invites etc)
  • For more, Interview with Ogilvy

SVT Play Case study – unable to find the YouTube video.

The developers of this app used the SVT huge fan base to help them get Apple approval on the app in the shortest delays. The campaign was called “Dear Steve Jobs”

They had a microsite where users could post videos to Steve Jobs, asking him to approve the App. There was even a button which said “I’m Steve Jobs, I approve” which was clicked on a number of times throughout the campaign.

A number of videos were also posted on YouTube – just type in “Dear Steve Jobs SVT” and you will find multiple on there.

Good way of using social and WOM to 1. Get the app approved and 2. Create buzz around the app

What we were told is that when Apple did get around to checking/approving the app, there were technical issues with it!

Search: Ann Summers Search Case study:

Very interesting case study, aiming to create awareness and not generate clicks!

Mobile: How the Museum of London created awareness around their amazing galleries and incredible content using “Augmented Reality” to “bring the past to life”: They created an app which allowed users to, when pointing at a specific road or building, to see what it looked like x number of years ago.


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  1. Hi Rafidea,

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