There’s been an interesting development in the virtual assistance space with the likes of Google Now and Siri. In the last Technology Tea and Toast Breakfast Session, we talked about Virtual Assistant devices such as Amazon Echo, Cubic Robots and Jibo and how they will eventually replace screens such as mobile but we all know […]

Controversial headlines yes. New, it is not. It has been discussed at great lengths in many books, forums, LinkedIn groups and at countless dinner tables. But have we found an answer yet? With the proliferation of internet of things we often wonder about this very question. What is the future of advertising when products has […]

Native mobile apps can be an enriching channel for some companies whilst for some others it has been a subject that no one wants to talk about. And there are tonnes of whitepapers out there that provide mobile strategy, some are interesting but most are very rich with information that you just put as something to […]

Recent study by Twenty shows that only 28% of Kiwi business sites are optimised for the mobile screen. For a market with over 65% smartphones penetration, that is very surprising. Here’s something to help you justify the small investment to get your business websites up to scratch.   Why mobile-optimised site matters

      I have to say that this probably the first time I’ve seen Saudi Arabia being the top market in any digital channel. So well done to them for beating mobile-first giants like Indonesia to be the country to be the top market to Tweet in Oct. Although you can’t read too much […]

                                  Looking at these numbers, you can argue that smartphones have reach critical mass. You just can’t ignore mobile when it comes to reaching the masses but more importantly as it’s also a mature market, the quality of content […]

With end-of-year sales season looming, I’d thought this would come in handy for retailers here in APAC. Although Pinterest when compared to Instagram and other mobile social plaforms is much smaller but the users are quite an artistic and discerning bunch who appreciates the little thing in life. So if you are retailer who sells […]